2019 WAEC Physics Specimens Now Available Here

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West Africa Examination Council, WAEC Physics Specimens Now Available Here.
WAEC Physics Specimens

Dear Candidate, please be informed that 2019 WAEC Physics Specimens have not been released by WAEC, it will posted here immediately they release it.

Below are the Physics Specimens for 2018 May/June WAEC.

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Question 1
Pendulum Bob;

Retort stand and clamp;



Metre rule.


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Question 2
Ray box with illuminated object(cross wire);

Convex lens(f = 15cm)


Metre rule;

Lens holder.


Note: The table salt should be available in 10g × 5 places for each candidate. Otherwise, am electronic balance should be provided

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Question 3
Potentiometer/metre bridge;

Dry cells(1 pair = 2×1.5v);

Ammeter(0 – 3A);

Resistor P = 1ohms(value concealed);


Jockey/crocodile clip;

Seven connecting wires.


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