2019 WAEC Agricultural Science Specimens Now Available

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West Africa Examination Council, WAEC Agricultural Science Specimens Now Available Here.
WAEC 2018: May/June WASSCE Agricultural Science Specimens Available Here
Dear Candidate, please be informed that 2019 WAEC Agricultural Science Specimens have not been released by WAEC, it will posted here immediately they release it.

Below are the Agricultural Science Specimens for 2018 May/June WAEC.

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A: Axe
B: Spade
C: Sickle
D: Hand trowel
E: Shears
F: Hand fork

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For specimens G, H and I, you are requested to get some quantity of Sandy soil. Divide the quantity of Sandy soil into three portions.
Wash the first portion which is to be labelled G with a neutral solution(water) until the soup is neither acidic nor alkaline then air-dry the soil.
To the second portion which is to be labelled H, add some quantity of Hydrochloric acid(HCL) and air-dry.
To the third portion which is to be labelled I, add some quantity of sodium Hydroxide(NaOH) solution and air-dry.
Then supply to each candidate, samples of specimens G, H and I each in a beaker, some quantity of water, blue litmus paper, red litmus paper and a

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J: Maize grain damaged by weevils
K: Yam tuber damaged by yam beetles
L: Cassava leaves showing mosaic disease symptoms
M: Tomato fruits showing fruit rot symptoms
N: Liver fluke(preserved/picture/diagram)
O: Tick
P: Trypanosome parasite(diagram/picture)
Q: Rat
R: Bird
S: Grasshopper


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