NECO 2020 Official Chemistry Specimens Now Available Here

National Examination Council, NECO 2020 Chemistry Specimens now Available Here, Are you searching for the 2020 NECO Chemistry specimen online? Then you’re on the right page. This page will provide you with the 2020 NECO Chemistry Specimen – NECO Chemistry Specimens.
NECO 2020 Official Computer Science Specimens

Below is the Official NECO 2020 Chemistry practical Specimen provided by NECO official and distributed to all schools that are seating for this year’s NECO Examination..

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Official NECO Chemistry Specimens


(2) In addition to the Apparatus and reagents expected to be available in a secondary school chemistry laboratory, each candidate will require the following:

(a) one burette(50cm³)
(b) one pipette(20cm³) or (25cm³), however all candidates in a centre must use pipette of the same volume

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( 3a)The usual apparatus reagent for qualitative work including
(i) Dilute sodium hydroxide solution
(ii) Dilute ammonia solution
(iii) Dilute hydrochloric acid
(iv) Dilute trioxonitrate(V)acid
(v) Distilled water
(vi) Red and blue litmus paper
(vii) Potassium hexacyanoferrate(III)
(viii) silver trioxonitrate(V)
(ix) Methyl orange

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(b) one boiling tube.
(c) Five test tubes.
(d) Filtration apparatus.
(d) source of heat.

(4). Each candidate should be supplied with the following An,Bn,Cn. Where “n” is the candidate’s serial number

(a) 150cm³ of hydrochloric acid solution in a bottle labelled “An” . The acid solution which should be the same for all candidates will contain 12.0cm³ of concentrated hydrochloric acid per dm³ of solution.

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(b) 150cm³ of sodium trioxocarbonate(IV)solution in a bottle labelled “Bn”. The solution which should be the same for all candidates will contain 6.36g of sodium trioxocarbonate(IV) per dm³ of solution

(c) one spatulaful of iron(II)chloride salt in a specimen bottle labelled Cn.

(5) In all cases,more materials may be given if required

(6)The actual concentration of A and B must be stated on the subject Teacher’s Report form, while the candidates should make use of the concentrations stated in the question paper

(7)Please do not substitute any substance or solution for those specified in these instructions.

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