NECO 2020 Official Biology Specimens Now Available Here

National Examination Council, NECO 2020 Biology Specimens now Available Here, Are you searching for the 2020 NECO Biology specimen online? Then you’re on the right page. This page will provide you with the 2020 NECO Biology Specimen – NECO Biology Specimens.
NECO Biology Specimens

Below is the Official NECO 2020 Biology practical Specimen provided by NECO official and distributed to all schools that are seating for this year’s NECO Examination..

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Official NECO Biology Specimens

SPECIMEN A = Yam tuber(Fresh)
SPECIMEN B= Cassava tuber(Fresh)
SPECIMEN D= Insect net
SPECIMEN E= Rain gauge
SPECIMEN F=Rice grain(paddy)
SPECIMEN G= Dry groundnut seeds
SPECIMEN H= contour feather
SPECIMEN I= Quill feather

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SPECIMEN J= Filoplume
SPECIMEN K= Millipede
SPECIMEN L= Centipede
SPECIMEN M= Grasshopper
SPECIMEN O=Larva(Housefly)
SPECIMEN P= Larva(mosquito)
SPECIMEN Q= Flame of the forest flower(Flamboyant)
SPECIMEN R= Hibiscus flower.

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