Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 3)… Part 8

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Adebimpe The Facebook Girl By Onihaxy

It was 5 months into my new job, I had saved enough money to get a decent self-contain accommodation in Ado ekiti. I had purchased another blackberry phone and retrieved my line. I have missed my friend of life “sege the event planner”. It was as if a chord had been disconnected from my system as I couldn’t reach him easily like I used to do before. But thank God for instant messaging apps like whatsapp and bbm, we are able to keep in touch.

Most times, I always feel like getting in touch with Adebimpe even despite the fact that I want her dead, I still miss her most times. I wish I could save her number before the night I was robbed but I didn’t.

I confided in my uncle and I told him that I lost my credentials when I was robbed and that I only came to Ado with the print outs of the copy I scanned to my email and he told me that there would be no problem since it looked like original. And incase the need arises, I can easily go back to school to request for another one. He even told me that the one I lost was just a statement of result and not the real certificate. He said the real certificate would be available at about 5 years after my graduation from school.

This made me to think less about the credentials that was in Adebimpe’s custody, since I didn’t have her contact anymore, I didn’t really care.

About 3 months later, I was at work when my phone beeped and I checked the screen and noticed that I got a message. I opened the message and its from a familiar number and the content says
“I didn’t hear from you again?, I guess you don’t need your properties anymore. If I didn’t get any response from you in 7days Time, then consider it gone forever”.
I just laughed immediately after seeing the message, I already knew that its from my one and only Adebimpe. I don’t really know what prompted the laughter but I just found myself laughing. I don’t really know what to reply with after dialling her number and I was still getting the same response of “the number you are calling is unable to receive calls”. Honestly, I suddenly began to miss adebimpe again. I sent a message to segun on whatsapp

ME: hi sege

SEGE: padi mi, how you dey ooo, how that side?, I don miss you for here ooo

ME: me sef miss you. Abeg I wan show you something.

SEGE: wetin?

ME: one person sent me a text. ****sent the screen capture of her text****

SEGE: ***looool**** that should be bimpe?

ME: your guess is as right as mine

SEGE: ***loool*** your wife don broke be that oooo, she needs money

ME: you no well. What should I reply her with?

SEGE: try to dial her number na to Confirm the sender first

ME: its still saying the same thing “unable to receive call”

SEGE: then no doubt, its definately your wife.

ME: you no well

SEGE: sebi you don’t really need the certificate urgently?

ME: yes na

SEGE: instead of you wasting 200k on bimpe, you can always apply for another certificate with less than 50k sef.

ME: my guy, you are right oo

SEGE: just tell her to eat the certificates,

ME: **laughs****.

I did exactly as segun told me, I replied bimpe’s text ”Hi dear, you can eat the credentials or do whatever you like with it. I have already made a police report that it was stolen and I already applied for another certificates from my school and
NYSC. You have lost this time my dear, have a nice day”.

I laughed as I sent the text, I knew that she will felt disappointed and pained.

Few minutes later, I got a response of “ok, we shall see who truly loosed”. I laughed again as I resumed chat with segun.

ME: sege, I don send the message ooo, I tell her say make she eat the certificates

SEGE: ***loool*** mad man, why you come wicked your wife like this na?

ME: you no well

SEGE: na wetin she come talk?

ME: she replied with “ok, we shall see who will loose”

SEGE: **hahahaha*** e don pain her be that ooooo.

Na Empty threat jor,
Segun and I chat and laughed over it for few more minutes. I closed for the day at 5pm and proceeded to take a cab to my house.

I just felt some kind of relieve as I counter bimpe with boldness that very day. I pulled off my clothes and prepared dinner. After dinner, I had my bath and was about going to bed when I had another message. It was from bimpe again. Before I opened it, I just laughed again and I was like “wetin she wan talk again?,” I opened the message and it was a short message which says “check your facebook inbox”.

Immediately, I just got curious and was scared, “what did bimpe meant by facebook inbox?.

I opened my facebook and found a new message from “shantel damsel”. I opened the message and found some pictures attached to a message. The pictures contained the images of me where I was totally unclad with my face shown inside of it. I was so scared, I downloaded the pictures and zoomed it to be sure if it was me and behold, it was me. I looked at the background and I saw my self sleeping on a tiny hospital bed with my leg spread open and my dick shown along side with my face.

Immediately, I remembered the night I had se*x with bimpe in the hospital, I remembered that I slept off after the se*x only to wake up and couldn’t find bimpe by my side.

“Chaiiiii, yeeeee!!! This girl don kill me” I yelled. I returned to the message to read the content and it says
”Hi sweetheart, you have the gut to tell me that I had lost abi?.
Well, for your information, I have 25 clips and 2 videos of your unclothedness, and I’m ready to finish you on every social media. My terms are simple, just credit my account with 20k between 25th and 30th of every month to save yourself from social media revelation. Failure to meet my terms or to renew your dues, I will upload your pics on facebook, twitter, whatsapp, and I will tag every contact on your friend list, I will upload your video on youtube for the whole world to see. And let’s see who lost this time.
Expecting your deposit alert honey”. Don’t try to trace me or involve police because none of my social accounts is real.”

I fainted immediately.


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