Must Read: Adebimpe The Facebook Girl (Season 3)… Part 14

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Adebimpe The Facebook Girl By Onihaxy

Our lips were still locked for 2 minutes and still counting and yet, there was no resistance coming from lolade.

My dick was gradually getting erected and almost hitting lolade on the laps so I had to stylishly dip my hands inside my trouser, pulled up my dick and hanged it beneath my belt. Then I took the courage to step up my game by removing my second hand from her head and dropping it to her neck gradually, the kiss was getting more romantic and passionate and I lowered my left hand from her neck down to her cleavage, I traced the middle of her bosoms down to the lower part of her bosoms on her cloth and I pressed the left bosom, lolade gave out a soft moan and jerked her head upwards, I stopped for few seconds and expecting a resistance and there was none. I decided to take a step further and squeeze the left bosom and the moans was becoming spontaneous.

I decided to switch bosom at intervals from left to the right and back to the left while her cloth was still on. I was confused on where next to switch to. “Should I dip my hands into her gown from the top of her cleavage? Of should I take my hand down to the bottom of her gown and pull it up?”, my brain permutated the two options within 3 seconds and my instinct told me to go down and start from below.

I followed my instinct and took my hand straight downward and started tickling her laps, I continued tickling and moving my hands upwards gradually, I was about few centimetres from her pants when she dropped her hand to hold my hand. I was somehow shocked but I didn’t show it. She removed her mouth from mine and said “stop it”, its ok, let me be going.

ME: ok dear, I’m sorry

LOLADE: ***opened the door **its okay, no problem, you sha succeeded in kissing me. Its somehow strange sha.

ME: **smiled as I closed the door from outside*** strange as how?

LOLADE: ***chuckle** I have never hugged any guy on a first date, let alone kissing. How did you really do it?

ME: ***stopped at the main entrance of our compound and held her two hands****, its simply the power of love.

LOLADE: I don’t understand

ME: its just the chemistry of the heart you know. When your heart meets someone it chose to love. The chemistry just react naturally without laws.

LOLADE: **laughs*** you are so funny, what course did you studied at school?

ME: chemistry. Why did you ask?

LOLADE: I thought as much,

ME: how?

LOLADE: with the way you were talking about chemistry and reactions.

ME: ****laughed*******

LOLADE: ****laughed too****

ME: ****** stared into her eyes once more***** my lolybabe.

LOLADE: what is that?

ME: please, give me a yes answer so that my mind would be at rest.

LOLADE: ***placed her hand on my chest*****, Mr loverboy, calm down and give me time to think over it

ME: **smiled***. Ok.

I waved at bike passing by and it stopped. I slipped 1k into lolade’s hands and she smiled and said “thank you”.

I returned inside and the bottom side of my tummy began to pain me seriously.


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