Mathematics Symbols To Be Used In Waec, Neco, Nabteb, Gce Exams, Maths Assistance Program For All

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 To those of you who have already subscribed for Examrelief Mathematics Expo & those who will still subscribe, Here are the Mathematics Symbols we make use in all our 0’level Exams such as WAEC, NECO, NABTEB AND GCE EXAMS Maths Assistance Program.

1) Bita = β
2) * = multiplication sign.
3) ^ = Raise to power
4) P also means raised to power e.g 10P6 means 10 raised to power six.
5) log3(base 4) ..Note: the base must be SUBSCRIPT i.e Log34.
6) x bar = mean symbol(x¯¯)
7) Pie = pie symbol e.g Area of a circle is (Pie r2).
8) Tita = θ e.g Sinθ.
10) Root or Rut or Sqrt or sqr root = √ ; eg Root2 means √2
11) / means ÷
12) —-(1) means equation 1
13) ,(comma) means next line.
This  is usually used during STATISTICS when drawing a table.
X: 1,2,3,4,
FX: 4,6,8,10
FX-Xbar: 10,8,6,4

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x|fx |Fx-x¯¯|
1| 4 |10|
2| 6 | 8 |
3| 8 | 6 |
4|10| 4 |

The above will be drawn as below:

Mathematics Symbols To Be Used In Waec, Neco Nabteb, Gce Exam, Maths Assistance Program for all.

Bar means Minus on top of d number or Variable and comma means next line which means each of them are under.
Eg 468&10 under FX.

NOTE: When you see something like the above example, you will have to draw a table.

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