Lagos Wedding Wahala – Episode 16

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Lagos Wedding Wahala
Written by: Victor Chinoo

“Princewill is dead, Isabell. He was shot dead outside Lagos, somewhere towards Epe,” Miranda explained. “What? Dead? Oh my God! Dayo has killed him. Dayo has killed him,” Isabell shouted. “Why do you say that?” “I…I…I…I set him up with chief Seyi. He has been after me since then. That is the reason I moved to London. He killed Princewill to get at me,” Isabell yelled into the phone, visibly hysterical. “What do you mean you set him up?” Miranda asked. “I can’t tell you anymore, Miranda.” “What do you mean? I have been working my tails off to help find your boyfriend, and all you have to tell me is that you can’t tell me anymore?” “I am sorry Miranda, but this is too complicated. The lesser you know the safer you are. I am really sorry, but you are better off not knowing the truth. I am flying home in a few days.” “I think you should. If the poor guy was killed for your sake, then you need to be home to pay your last respect to him.”

“Seyi, I am flying home the same day as you. Princewill has been killed,” Isabell cried over the phone. “His body was found a few days back. I just found out. He was shot, Seyi. He was shot. This has got to be Dayo.” “Do they know who shot him?” “The police have two men in custody.” Isabell went on to explain the events of the past few days that Miranda had passed on to her to Seyi. “Did you say one of them goes by the name Jimoh?” Seyi asked. “Yes, do you know him?” “Not really, but the name rings a bell,” Seyi lied. “I don’t think you should be home until the case is over…it won’t be safe.” “No, I am returning home and I need you to provide security for me. My boyfriend was killed for my sake. I have to pay my last respect to him,” Isabell insisted. “I don’t think it is a good idea.” “I have to go!!!” Isabell cried. “Okay, I will see what I can do security wise. You must maintain a low profile while in Nigeria. Preferably, stay in the East and avoid Lagos. You are safer there. I will try to arrange some security for you,” Seyi promised.

“Hi Dayo,” Seyi said over the phone. He was looking through the window of his penthouse, soaking in the beauty of Lagos on his return. “Hello Seyi,” Dayo replied. His voice was cold, transmitting a tinge of anger. “Why did you do it?” Seyi asked. “What do you mean?” “I told you that I would release those videos if you hurt Isabell.” “I have no idea what you are talking about, Seyi. I had nothing to do with Isabell.” “You had her boyfriend killed, Dayo.” “I don’t even know who her boyfriend is. I would have thought that you were her boyfriend,” Dayo replied sardonically. A frown traversed his face as he stared aimlessly at the TV.

“I understand that Jimoh is in detention and the gun that was found on him upon arrest has been linked by the police to the gun that killed Isabell’s boyfriend. You and I know that Jimoh is your man. Why did you do it, Dayo?” “I have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t know who Jimoh is and as far as I know, I had no idea Isabell had another boyfriend other than yourself. Girls of these days, they probably keep seven boyfriends simultaneously.”

“I am going to testify in court that you and Jimoh know each other. I have a thousand pictures of you two together.” ‘You can say whatever you want. I am not responsible for what Jimoh does.” “Then why are you lying about knowing him?” “I am not responsible for his actions!” Dayo yelled. He was on his feet pacing the floor by now. “I am done having this discussion with you,” he yelled into the phone. He hung up and sank back into a couch. His frown had grown more pronounced.

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“Old boy ehh! I like this wine!” Segun shouted. “No be small thing, where you buy am? (Where did you buy it from?),” Donald shouted. “I don’t know, actually. Lara bought the wine. She arranged everything for me,” Biola replied. He was shouting to keep the music from drowning out is voice. They were partying in Biola’s apartment. His apartment was bursting at the seams. “Gentlemen, who wants more wine?” Lara asked with a tray-bearing waiter behind her. “I do,” said Segun. “Me too,” added Donald. “And me too,” shouted Izunna. “I will have one too,” added Biola. Everyone joined in, grabbing a glass of wine off the glass. “This is the last one Biola,” Michael, one of Biola’s friends remarked. “I guess I should leave it to you,” Michael suggested. “No, you carry on. The waiter will bring more wine,” Biola replied. Lara left with the waiter who returned later with more glasses of wine.

“What wine is this?” Izunna asked the waiter. “It is called ice wine, sir,” replied the waiter. “I have never heard of it before. It is exquisite,” Segun said enthusiastically. “It is imported from Canada and Northeastern USA, sir,” the waiter explained. “Lara knows her wine,” said Michael. “She certainly does,” added Monica, Modupe’s secretary. The music continued to blast away. They ate, danced, laughed and drank for most of the night. At 11:00PM, Modupe decided to make her first appearance on the dance floor after much persuasion from her friends and Biola’s. “You have to dance with me!” She said pleadingly to Biola. “You start and I will join you afterwards,” Biola protested. “No, that is not how it works. Get your butt off the couch darling and come dance with me.”

Biola rose to his feet. The entire guests circled to watch the dance. A shy smile hovered over Modupe’s face. She raised her hand in an attempt to place it on Biola’s shoulder. Instead, Biola dropped to his knees. “What are you doing?” Modupe asked. Biola produced a jewelry box. He opened it revealing a glitzy ring that sparkled brilliantly against the light. Modupe had her palms over her mouth. “Aww!” “Wow!” “Oh!” Most of the girls exclaimed. Everyone except Modupe knew that Biola was going to propose to her. Even though they knew, the sight of the immaculately beautiful ring left the girls breathless.

“Modupe, you are my rock, and I mean that in every sense of it,” Biola said. Modupe still had her palms over her mouth. “Your values and morals, they are second to none. When I first asked you out, you ran from me…and rightly so. You would not go on a date with me because I was sort of, attached to someone else. You are the epitome of integrity. Truth is, from the moment I set my eyes on you, from the first time I heard you speak, I saw substance in you…substance flowing out of you! You are classy, mature, responsible and insightful.

“There is so much to you that I want to take the rest of my life unraveling and discovering every single piece of you…with you. Would you grant me the opportunity to go on that journey with you? Like a lost, confused ship at sea, meeting you was like sighting a lighthouse, glowing with life – calling me back to shore. For once, I realized that what I had thought was love was far from the reality of love. You are love! You fill my heart with joy and I could not be happier that you are in my life now. Each minute…each second without you in my life is like a year without oxygen. My love, please will you marry me?”

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“Yes…yes, I will marry you, Biola!” Modupe said with exhilaration. “Yay!!!” Their friends shouted. Biola got up and slid the ring onto her finger. Then, he kissed her briefly. “I love you very much,” he whispered in her ear. “I adore you with every breath that I draw, Biola,” Modupe replied. “I am very happy for Biola and Modupe,” Segun said as they watched the newly engaged couple dance to Sunny Neji’s Oruka – Oruka ti dówo na, di ololufe re mu Kó séni tole ya yin titi lai Oruka ti dówo na, di ololufe re mu Kó séni tole ya yin titi lai Titi lai lai lai lai…

10:00AM: “Biola! Biola! Biola what is it? Answer me Biola!” Modupe shouted. She had spent the night with Biola’s after the party. She got out of bed in the morning and went to the bathroom for a shower. When she returned, Biola was wriggling in pain. “Daddy, Biola is not feeling well. He is in deep pain. I am rushing him to the hospital now. You need to come!” Modupe yelled into the phone as she desperately contacted Seyi.

Less than an hour later, Seyi, Modupe, Segun, Michael and Donald were in the lobby waiting desperately for news on Biola’s condition. Lara arrived shortly afterwards. “What did he eat last night?” Seyi barked at his son’s friends. His voice was panic-stricken. “It was just jollof rice, fried beef, ice wine, moi-moi and fruit juice,” Modupe explained. “We all had the same thing, sir,” Segun added. “Jollof rice, moi-moi and beef cannot kill my son. Someone must have added something to the jollof rice. Did anyone notice anything out of the ordinary last night?” “No sir,” Modupe and Lara answered. The police arrived shortly on Seyi’s orders to question Biola’s friends. “I am afraid; you all have to come with us to the station to give a statement. We will need a list of all the people who were at the party last night,” the police investigator announced on arrival. “Modupe has to remain behind,” Seyi suggested to the policemen. “If Biola comes around, he will need to see Modupe. Please let her stay behind. We can question her soon.” “Okay sir.”

“What is going on doctor?” Seyi shouted. One of the doctors was walking in their direction as the policeman and Biola’s friends were leaving. “Please talk to me. What has happened to my only son…my only child?” “We think he had a heart attack,” the doctor replied calmly. Seyi was annoyed by the doctor’s calm disposition. “So, is he going to be alright?” He asked desperately. He wanted a full frenzied explanation from the doctor. “We don’t know yet.” “Heart attack? In his twenties? This is strange. Something is wrong…I know it. Doctor, I need to know how he developed heart attack all of a sudden. All he ate was jollof rice…and…and moi-moi, and beef with erm…” “Ice wine, sir,” Modupe added with tears streaming down her face.

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