Lagos Wedding Wahala – Episode 15

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Lagos Wedding Wahala
Written by: Victor Chinoo
“My lord, the crown seriously opposes the granting of bail to Mr. Biola Awe because he is a serious flight risk. He was due to return to Nigeria in a few days after allegedly raping Miss Abimbola Busayo Oluremi. If he is granted bail, we fear that he will flee the country,” the lawyer representing the government argued. “My lord, the defendant does not have a criminal record in Nigeria. His father has extensive business ties to the UK – property, establishments and stakes in a string of British companies. He does not pose a flight risk at all. He has been to this country multiple times and his family is well known in Nigeria. There is not a chance that he will flee the country. I guarantee that he will remain in the country until this case is concluded,” Dempsey, Biola’s lawyer argued.

Both lawyers argued back and forth over Biola’s bail. In the end, the judge ruled that Biola be granted bail at the cost eighty thousand pounds. “The court is adjourned until May 24, 2015,” the judge announced. Modupe ran across the courtroom as soon as the judge left the courtroom to hug Biola. “I am very glad to see that you are fine. I believe you, Biola. I know you did not do it,” she said melting into his arms. He was relieved to see her on both feet. She looked even more beautiful. He held her tightly, relieved to feel her warmth.

“I am glad you could come, my love. I was thinking of you every minute,” said Biola. “I missed you a lot, Biola.” “Same here. Dad, this is my girlfriend, Modupe,” said Biola. “Pleased to meet you,” Seyi said stretching forth his hand for a handshake. “Please to meet you too, sir,” Modupe replied, bending slightly out of respect. Her parents watched keenly from the back of the courtroom. Seyi paid Biola’s bail and they all left. Akin, Bimbo and Dayo who had flown into town for the court hearing looked on. An ugly scowl took refuge on Bimbo’s face as she watched Biola and Modupe in each other’s arms.

“Dayo, I think you should talk to your daughter. You and I know that Biola did not rape her. I believe she snapped upon finding out that Biola is seeing someone else. I am not making an excuse for my son for the way he called off their engagement for the second time. That must hurt. I have certainly had a word with Biola about that, but I don’t think it is enough reason to ruin his life for good. He is not a rapist and you and I know it. The police detectives did not find any evidence of sexual activity or Biola’s DNA on Bimbo. She will lose the case, obviously. There is no need to prolong a case she is going to lose. Please tell her to tell the truth. Let’s end this here and now,” Seyi pleaded. He and Dayo were meeting at restaurant near Piccadilly Circus in central London. Dayo looked through the glass window. His eyes followed a red London double decker bus that glided down the street towards Westminster Abbey.

“So, you want us to call off an engagement that we all worked had to put in place for the good of our families…to extend the longstanding friendship between us?” Dayo asked. “Let’s face it, Dayo; the friendship is no longer what it used to be. You have tapes on me and me on you, ready to blow each other out of the waters at the slightest opportunity. Is that friendship? Is that what we ought to stand for? What we are trying to protect and prolong? Besides, we cannot force our children to marry each other. If Biola does not think he and Bimbo are made for each other, then, we cannot force him to marry her. Bimbo is a beautiful girl, so I am sure she will find a great guy soon. In fact, our friendship stands a chance to survive if we don’t pressure them into a marriage that we obviously know would likely head for the rocks. That would be terrible. They would come to hate each other and us so much that they would probably never want to have anything to do with us and our families at large.”

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“I have to tell you that I am not happy with Biola. I will think about what you said, but you have to bear in mind that Bimbo is adamant about the rape. If she holds on to her story, then, there is nothing I can do about it.” “Well, if she does, then so be it. Talk to her anyway.” “I will, and you should tell your son that I am not too happy with him.” “I am sorry about the way things went down. I will certainly talk to him.”

“Bimbo, you have to face the truth; from what the lawyers tell me, there is little chance that you will win the case. You do not want to drag all of us through a mess in London only to lose the case eventually. Drop the charges against Biola and let’s return to Lagos,” Dayo explained to his daughter later that day. “Don’t you care about me, daddy? It is always about business. You hardly ever care about me; what I want, what happens to me and what I am going through. You want to return to Lagos to face your business, not caring about your daughter’s welfare,” Bimbo accused her father. If only you were truly my daughter, Dayo thought to himself.

“Of course I care about you!” He retorted. “You can’t talk like that, Bimbs. Dad has a point. There is no evidence of a rape. It is your word against his, so the jury will not rule in your favor. We might as well close the case now,” Akin added. “That is easy for you to say, Akin. You think I don’t know you are the favored one? The male child, right? If you were molested I know what daddy would do. He would hire the best lawyers in the world to make sure the accused person went to jail. He has always favored you. You two can leave if you want. I am going to stay here and make sure Biola gets what he deserves!”

Akin walked across the room and placed his hands on her shoulders. “Leave me alone!” Bimbo shouted, pulling away. “Calm down, Bimbo. You know I have always got your back. Please listen to me. Dad cares about you as much as he cares about me and our older sister. If there was the slightest chance that we could win this case, I guarantee that I would stay here for however long it takes to get justice for you. I think you found out about Modupe and snapped. It hurts…I get it….” “You don’t get it! You have no idea how I feel. He fooled me!!! He used me!!! He was with her all the time he was planning a phantom wedding with me. Twice!!! Twice he canceled our engagement. Have you any idea how it feels?”

“I don’t Bimbo, but what would be worse is marrying the wrong guy and finding out afterwards. You are better off walking away now…now is better than later, my darling daughter,” Dayo explained. “It hurts so much!” Bimbo cried, raising her voice. “I can only imagine how much it hurts, sweetheart. At the end of the day, we have to wait for the perfect time to grab a pound of flesh if that is what you want. Now is not the time. If you lose, it will hurt even more, darling.” “I hate him very much, daddy. I want him to suffer!” Bimbo cried. Akin robbed her shoulder gently. “He will…I promise you that my dear. Revenge does not taste great when served hot. When it is cold, it sinks deeper with searing pain. Take it easy my daughter. We will find a way to get back at Biola for the way he treated you.” “You will?” “Yes, my child. Yes…I will.” “Thank you daddy.”

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“I was very excited to get a text from you, Seyi,” Isabell said. Seyi’s arms were wrapped around her as they both lay under the blanket after a steamy session of sex. “Your son is very handsome, I must say. If not for you, I would have made a move on him,” Isabell teased. “He is a grown man. He makes his own choices. Don’t assume you’d be successful if you made a move on him.” ‘I was only kidding,” Isabell stressed. “I hope so. Girls of these days, you never know.” “So, when are you leaving town?” “I don’t know yet. I have a few things to iron out. If things go according to plan, I will be back in Lagos in about three days.” “I miss Lagos…I really do.”

“Not to worry, soon, everything will be worked out and you can visit.” “You think so?” Dayo cannot afford to look for you forever. In a year or two, you should be able to visit home. He can’t post sentries at the airport waiting for you. Besides, he does not operate within your circles. Everything will quieten down soon.” “I really hope so. So, do you have something for me?” “Of course, I have five thousand pounds in the envelope I left on the table over there for you. I hope you are working hard at school.” “I am doing my best.” “Good. Keep at it.”

“Dad, so what are we going to do next? With the wedding called off, our plan to take over Seyi’s wealth is dead,” Akin pointed out to his father. They were taking a walk around Regent’s Park in central London. Bimbo had dropped all charges against Biola, so they were billed to leave for Lagos the next day. “I have been thinking about it,” Dayo replied. A soft breeze careened past them, swaying the pine trees that line the sides of the roads in Regent’s Park.

“We have to find another way. I can’t let Seyi get away with this. He has to pay for his sins somehow,” Dayo said, clenching his fist. “Yes, he has to.” “If we can’t access his wealth, then we should make him suffer. I am thinking of having Biola killed,” Dayo said, lowering his voice. He looked around to make sure that no one was listening in. “Seyi would know we are involved if Biola is killed,” Akin remarked. “It depends on how he dies. If we take out Biola, he is finished. He will become a working corpse. He will die before you know it. Perhaps, we could muster an aggressive takeover of his companies when he dies because there would be no one to inherit his wealth. The best way to take out Biola is to make it look natural. A sudden heart attack…induced cancer; you know, anything that would not look overly suspicious,” Dayo explained, still looking around to make certain no one was eavesdropping.

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