Lagos Wedding Wahala – Episode 14

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Lagos Wedding Wahala
Written by: Victor Chinoo

“Stop there!” A policeman shouted at Biola. Before he could turn, a group of policemen swarmed all over him. He was quickly handcuffed and informed that he was being placed under arrest. Onlookers at the Stratford train station watched in surprise. “What is going on? What have I done?” he asked. “You are under arrest for rape,” a policeman told him as he was dragged to a waiting police vehicle. “Rape? You must be out of your mind. You have the wrong guy. I have never raped anyone!” Biola protested. Soon, he found himself in an interrogation room at Gipsy Hill Police Station.

“Is that the young man who raped you?” A policewoman asked Bimbo. She was looking through the one-way glass window. “Yes, it is him,” she replied shedding tears profusely. “It is okay. Everything is going to be alright. He certainly won’t get away with it,” the police woman assured her as she led her away for DNA and rape tests. She passed the information to her colleagues who were interrogating Biola that Bimbo had identified him as her rapist.

“You have been identified as the rapist, so you had better stop lying,” the interrogating officer told Biola. “Me? Rape someone? Who?” “You were at Holiday Inn Express in Stratford earlier tonight, right?” “Yes, I booked a room at Holiday Inn Express in Stratford earlier tonight for myself and my ex-girlfriend, but we had some sort of a disagreement, so I decided to leave. You can ask her; she will confirm my story. Seriously, you have the wrong guy here.” The policeman smiled. Then he asked, “What was the disagreement with your ex-girlfriend all about? Sex? You asked her for sex and she said no, then you forced yourself on her? Don’t tell me you booked a room at Holiday Inn Express without an ulterior motive.”

“This is ludicrous! Is this about Bimbo? Was she the one that called you?” The policeman looked calmly at him while nodding. “She just identified you as her rapist through that window there,” he said. “No!!!” Biola shouted. “She is framing me! You have to listen to me, I did not rape her. Test her…I swear, if you test her, there will be no evidence of rape or my DNA on her.” “We are doing that as we speak, but she did tell us though that you forced her to shower after the rape, so there is a high chance that we will not find your DNA on her.” “But you can confirm if she had been sexually active in the last few hours, right?” “I guess so, but that is not very straightforward.” ‘No, you have to find a way to confirm that. I did not touch her. God knows I am saying the truth. I need to reach my father now. Please can I make a call?” “Yes, you are entitled to that. I will arrange for you to contact you family.”

Seyi called Barrister Dempsey immediately after speaking with Biola. He had used Barrister Dempsey several times in the past to work through some business-related bottlenecks. His heart was drumming relentlessly as he waited for Dempsey to get on the phone. “Hi Dempsey, my son is in detention for rape in London,” he announced as soon as he heard Dempsey’s voice over the phone. “Rape? How come? Is it your son Biola? The one I met last time I was in Lagos?” “Yes. He is innocent. He is being accused of rape by a friend’s daughter whom he was going to marry. You see, he called off their engagement…for the second time. I think she snapped and decided to frame him.” “Is she in London now?” “Yes.” “Where is he being held?” Seyi examined the piece of paper on which he had been scribbling while talking to Biola. “Gipsy Hill Police Station…I believe it is in Southeast London,” he answered. “I am on my way there now.” “Thank you. I am flying to London in the next few hours.” “See you when you get here.”

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“Chief Dayo, how well do you know Mr. Jimoh Adeyinka?” Sergeant Sule asked Dayo. “I have no idea who Jimoh Adeyinka is,” he shot back at Sule. He was flanked by his lawyers who looked on aggressively. “I believe you know Sule, Chief. You called him no less than fifteen times over the past four weeks. How come your phone called him but you don’t know him?” “My phone got misplaced in that period before it was recovered at one of my restaurants. I am sure some nincompoop who got hold of my phone in that period made calls to some unscrupulous elements before it was recovered.” “Your phone disappeared and reappeared at your restaurant? The thief did not disappear with it?” “I put out a threat to all my staff that the thief would go to jail…I made it clear to them that the thief would be found out. I guess they panicked and returned it, leaving it under a table at the restaurant, where it could be found by the cleaner.”

“I am sure you’d agree with me that your story sounds ludicrous, chief. I hope to obtain the location of those calls over the next few weeks. That will tell us if the calls were made from the comfort of your house or from somewhere else,” Sule explained. “Until then, I put it to you that my client is free to leave,” one of Dayo’s lawyers shot at Sule. “Before he leaves, I would like to ask you one more thing. Do you know Yusuf Olayinka?” “No, who is that?” Dayo replied. He looked unfazed, his eyes burning fiercely with aggression. Outside Yusuf and the heavily bandaged Jimoh watched the interrogation through the one-way glass window. A policeman dashed into the building and made his way hurriedly to the interrogation room. He ran past Jimoh and Yusuf who were closely watched by an armed police unit.

He pushed open the door to the interrogation room and walked in, breathing fast. He had been running. Inside, he bent over and whispered into Sule’s ear. Sule nodded, listening attentively. The policeman left as fast as he had appeared. “So, Chief Dayo, you claim that you do not know Jimoh and Yusuf?” Sule asked him yet again. “I already told you that.” “Well, my men have found the body of one Mr. Princewill Oleka. He was buried in a shallow grave a short distance from the spot where Jimoh and Yusuf were arrested some days back. He was shot at point blank range, and I can tell you that my team is working tirelessly to demonstrate that he was shot with the same gun that we recovered from Jimoh at the time of his arrest. Once we prove that, he and Yusuf are likely going to face the firing squad. Do you want to help them out? I believe you are connected to them somehow, or do you want to watch them go down by themselves?”

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“How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t know those people?!” Dayo shouted. “It is okay, sir. You may leave now.” The police unit quickly took Jimoh and Yusuf away before Dayo and his lawyers emerged from the interrogation room. His phone rang as he left Alagbon police station. “Bimbo, how are you doing in London?” He asked speaking into the phone. The smell of urine filled the air from one of the cells in the building. “This place is nasty!” He said to his lawyers as they entered a waiting Mercedes SUV.

“I am with the police in London, daddy. Biola raped me.” “What do you mean Biola raped you?” “He wanted to sleep with me and I refused. Then, he forced himself on me. I wanted to wait until we are married, but he would not hear of that.” “Did he beat you up?” “He was somewhat rough with me as well.” “How dare he?” “I am going to call you back shortly. I will send Akin to London immediately.” “Thank you daddy!”

“Deji, where is Biola?” Modupe asked. “He said he was coming back the other night and he has not shown up since then. I am due for discharge tomorrow. Is he alright?” “Something happened, Modupe,” Deji answered with a worried look on his face. Modupe felt a chill down her spine. “What happened? Is Biola alright?” “He is in police detention. Bimbo accused him of raping her.” “What? Biola would never do a thing like that! She is callous. Please, can I see him as soon as I am out of here?” “I will take you to the Gipsy Hill Police Station, where he is being held once you are discharged. Perhaps we could go tomorrow. His father has just arrived in town. His indictment hearing is two days. We will all attend.” “I want to see him as soon as possible. I can’t wait. How is he doing in detention? Oh my God! My Biola…he does not deserve this,” Modupe cried.

Sule sat behind the desk with a sheaf of paper in front of him. He stared keenly at Jimoh through his glasses. Jimoh returned his stare intermittently, facing the ground most of the time. “You know we are going to tie your gun to the shooting of Mr. Princewill Oleka, Jimoh. Clearly, your boss has abandoned you. You saw it yourself, so, if you are smart, you should be thinking of saving yourself. If you come clean with me, we will make sure you get a reduced sentence instead of a death sentence. If you don’t, you will face the firing squad while Chief Dayo enjoys himself. He will find another hitman before you know it. Here is your chance to save yourself. What happened? Did you shoot Princewill Oleka? Why? Who sent you?” Sule turned on his recorder, sat back and listened. His eyes scrutinized Jimoh closely. His hands and legs were firmly restrained in cuffs. He raised his face. Their eyes met and he quickly avoided Sule’s eyes, facing the ground.

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