Lagos Wedding Wahala – Episode 12

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Lagos Wedding Wahala

Written by: Victor Chinoo

“Please, please don’t kill me,” Miranda pleaded. “Shut your mouth! Lie back there and speak no more,” Jimoh ordered her. She leaned back, her eyes firmly fixed on the nuzzle of the gun. Her hands shook as Yusuf steered the heavy Mercedes engine out of Lagos, heading for Epe – the very same place where they had shot Princewill. “Did you tell anyone else about me? About the fact that I had called Isabell and that I met with Princewill?” Jimoh asked.
“Yes, I told my best friend where I was going and who I was meeting with,” Miranda answered, looking for a leverage. “Who is your best friend? What does he or she do?” “He works for the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency,” Miranda lied. “Does he have my number? The number you called me on? Miranda nodded.

A frown appeared on Jimoh’s face. This was getting more complicated than he would like. “Where is he now?” “I don’t know; maybe at home or at work.” “Call him! Take out your phone and call him now! Tell him that you had fed him the wrong information. Tell him that Princewill has been found…that he was in his village in Abia State all this while.” Jimoh was getting agitated. Shaking feverishly, Miranda fetched her phone from her purse and dialed the phone number of the policeman she had been working with on the case.

“I wanted to let you know that Princewill has been found. Actually, the man I mentioned to you…you remember the number I gave you?” “Yes,” answered the policeman. “That man had nothing to do with Princewill’s disappearance. Actually, Princewill has been in his village all this while,” Miranda did as she had been told with Jimoh’s gun staring menacingly at her.

“Okay!” replied the policeman. “Good…good girl!” Jimoh said. “Will you spare my life?” She asked, her eyes begging for dear life. “Just lie back quietly,” Jimoh instructed coldly. The Mercedes lunged forward at nearly one hundred and thirty kilometers per hour. Miranda could hear her heart racing, pounding against her ribs with an obstinate persistence. She closed her eyes and said a quiet prayer. Suddenly, the Mercedes came to a sudden stop. She opened her eyes and tried to peer through the window. From her position, she could not see much. Jimoh had depressed the seat and made her lie back.

“Is it the same place?” Jimoh asked Yusuf. “I don’t know,” replied the taciturn driver. “What do you mean you don’t know?” “The whole place looks alike, oga (sir).” “Pull in towards the forest, let’s not waste time here.” Yusuf acquiesced, steering the Mercedes off the road and onto an untarred terrain into the forest. Miranda’s heart raced even faster. A short distance into the path, Yusuf stopped on sighting an open area. Jimoh jumped out, yanked the door open and dragged Miranda further into the forest. Turn off the car and wait for me,” he instructed Yusuf. “Please, don’t kill me…please don’t kill me,” Miranda begged. Jimoh struck her in the mouth. “Shut your mouth!” he snarled at her, with a menacing look on his face.

Deeper into the forest, he dragged her to the base of a tall Iroko tree. She leaned against the massive tree, her blouse hanging askew after meandering through the brushes. Her bosom was slightly revealed. Jimoh’s eyes caught sight of it as she breathed heavily. He stared amorously at her chest. Abruptly, he dropped his gun on the side, grabbed her bosom and began to squeeze eagerly. Sensing a ‘reprieve’, albeit momentary, Miranda yielded to him completely. She moaned pleasurably to please him. Jimoh ripped her clothes off, tearing monstrously at them.

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Soon, she was lying on her back, completely naked. Jimoh was on his feet, frenziedly unfastening his belt. Working feverishly, he freed himself of the cover of his trousers, tossing them aside. Then, he jumped out of his boxer shorts and sent them flying in the air. He leaned over her, breathing excitedly. Miranda closed her eye, fighting back tears, yet moaning in a desperate effort to please Jimoh. While he ploughed away on top of her, she looked at his gun which lay a short distance from them.

“Biola! Biola! Biola, my darling!” Those were the first words out of Modupe’s mouth. She had finally snapped out of coma. “Modupe! Is that you talking, Modupe?” Ajoke, her mother who was seated across the room from her shouted as she sprang to her feet. She had been keeping an eye on her, praying for her recovery. “Biola is in London, my daughter. He will soon be here. Can you hear me, Modupe?” she asked her. She looked morosely at her mother, unaware where she was or what she had said earlier. Ajoke made a mad dash for the door. She opened it and stuck her neck into the hallway and yelled at the nearest nurse. “My daughter is awake,” she shouted in heavily accented English. The English nurse barely understood her, but she ran towards the room nonetheless. She was aware of Modupe’s condition. Everybody was aware of Modupe’s condition at the hospital.

The nurse was elated to see Modupe awake. “You are awake!” she shouted excitedly. A look of confusion hugged Modupe’s face. She could not fathom why the white nurse was there. “Where am I?” She asked the nurse who was handing her a cup of water. Another nurse dashed in having heard the commotion. Olayinka, her father who had gone outside to buy a few snacks in a nearby grocery store was elated to find her awake. Another nurse was soon on hand to assess Modupe.

“What are you still doing in London?” Bimbo asked Biola who was riding in Deji’s car to the hospital. “I will be back next week, honey,” he assured her. Deji was behind the wheels. “But you are supposed to have been back already. I am planning to fly out to London next week to meet up with you, honey.” “There is no need for that,” Biola said, trying to dissuade her. “For what? I can join you there for a few days. We can visit some landmarks in London. That would be awesome honey.” “But I am very busy. I don’t want you to be alone in the hotel room while I am working. After our wedding, we will visit London together, okay?” “Okay,” she replied, acquiescing reluctantly.

Soon after hanging up, her brother, Akin walked into her apartment. “Bimbs, so what is Biola doing in London?” he asked. “He is on a business trip.” “I see. You mind if I sit down?” “Of course. How are you doing, big brother?” “I am fine. I was wondering what Biola is still doing in London…you know, considering the falling out you had with him of late, I felt he should have travelled to London with you.” “Right?” Bimbo asked.

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“Of course! How come he just ran off to London on some phantom business trip just days after reconciling with you? I am not saying he is seeing someone else, but it just does not look right to me that he left like that without you. At least, he should have offered…you know, a romantic trip after making up with him.” “I am booking a flight to London right now. I want to find out what is going on there. I just got off the phone with him and I was just saying the same thing to him. I am glad that I am not the only one thinking like that. Thanks Akin…you always have my back. I don’t know what I’d do without you, big brother.” “I don’t know what I’d do without you, my darling sister,” Akin said with a wry smile on his face.

Akin left a few minutes later while Bimbo called her travel agent to book a flight to London. Idiot…who told you I care about you? I can’t wait to destroy you so I’d be the sole heir to my father’s wealth; he thought to himself as he descended the stairs. “Did she take the bait?” Dayo asked when Akin returned to his building on the estate. “Yes, she is booking a flight to London as we speak.” “Good job…good job, Akin. You are such a good son. I knew you’d convince her,” Dayo lavished encomiums on his son. “It is my pleasure, dad,” Akin replied with a satisfying smirk.

“I need to talk to Jimoh,” Dayo said grabbing his Samsung S8 in one hand with a glass of his favorite Gulder in the other hand. Sipping on the glass of Gulder, he searched through his Samsung S8 for Jimoh’s number. “I still don’t know how to operate this phone,” he said, frowning. I am not sure I like this Samsung S8,” he complained to Akin. “Give it to me. What do you want to do,” Akin asked. “I just want to call Jimoh and I can’t find my address book on this Samsun S8 that you bought for me.” “It is simple, dad. Here is the address book,” Akin said with a smile, showing him what to do. He took the Samsung S8, located Jimoh’s number and dialed it while pouring more Gulder in his glass.

“Yes! Yes!” Jimoh bellowed pleasurably as he neared climax. “You are very good…don’t stop!” Miranda replied, still fighting back tears. Then, there was a rustle of leaves nearby, but Jimoh was deeply engrossed in lovemaking. Miranda heard it, but she did not know where it came from. Then, Jimoh’s phone began to ring. His ringtone was Yemi Alade’s Johnny. While he was pounding his way to a climax, his phone boogied as it vibrated to Yemi Alade’s Johnny – Johnny leave me follow Cynthia. E talk sey I no dey do am the way Cynthia dey do. Johnny give Uche belle, talk sey e wan marry Nene. Nwokem kedu ife na eme…As he came, the rustling of leaves intensified. He tried to look around, but his body was weakened by his exertions of the last few minutes. Then, he heard a roaring voice…

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