Facts About JAMB Results Upgrade & Why You Should Run From Fraudsters

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB Results Upgrade & Why You Should Run From Fraudsters, How Can I upgrade my Jamb result? So many desperate Jambites who score low in their UTME examination are eager to get positive answer from the above questions.
JAMB Results Upgrade & Why You Should Run From Fraudsters
With every passing day, hundreds of hungry fraudsters parade themselves online as Jamb agents.

These persons claim that they can upgrade results for those who did not score high in Jamb. As a matter of fact, they present evidence that upgrading Jamb result is very possible.

NOTE: just as Jamb expo didn’t work in this era of Jamb CBT update, so also Jamb upgrade doesn’t work.

Jamb results upgrade is a scam and myth.

Jamb Score Upgrade Is Just Photo Editing. You need to be very careful.

Don’t send your Money or Your parents hard earned money to internet fraudsters in the name of Jamb score upgrade.

You may not have performed very well in Jamb, this doesn’t stop you from gaining admission.

In fact, Even if your score is so low that you can’t get admitted with it, it is not the end of life. There is always room for improvement. Come back stronger next year.

Jamb results upgrade is scam. Be warned.

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