WAEC Integrated Sciences Trial Questions 2

WAEC Integrated Sciences Trial Questions 2


What is heat?
How many joules of heat are given out when a piece of iron of mass 500g cools from 20 o C to 10 o C (specific heat capacity of iron is 46j kg-1 k -1 )

b.(i)what is functional group
ii.write the general formular for alkanes
c.(i) List four criteria used in selecting of stock animals
ii.What are main distinguishing features between?

i.beef cattle and dairy cattle
ii.sheep and goat

d.i what is a chromosome?
Ii,In human, brown eye colour(B) is dominant over blue eye colour *(b)*.A brown eyed man marries a brown-eyed woman.explain fully what eye colours their children could have.

2.a(i)On the flow diagram explain how aluminium is extracted

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ii.Give four(4) effects of mining on the environment.

b.i.What is first Aid?

ii.What is the correct aid treatment for
a. a cut
b.a burn
c. a sprain
c.(i).What is thermostat?

ii.Mention four(4) appliance that have thermostat in your home.

3.a.(I)Define the following terms

a.isotopes of an atom

b.mass number of an atom

c.oxidation number of an atom

b.What is respiration?

ii.Distinguish between aerobic and anaerobic respiration

c. What is conduction?

ii. Draw a vacuum flask and explain how it works

d. (i) why are legumes important in crop rotation

ii. Name three (3) legumes grown in West Africa

4.a(i).What is mutation

Ii .briefly explain the cause of chromosome mutation

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iii.List two factors used in paternity test

iv.List two importan.ce of genetics

b.list the major pest and diseases of
1. groundnuts
2 .cowpea
3 .cassava.

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