WAEC Integrated Science Trial Questions

WAEC Integrated Science Trial Questions


1ai. Explain why the cell is the basic unit of life.

1aii state three properties of salt.

1aiii. How could it be confirmed that sulphuric acid solution is acidic? Explain

1bi List four advantages of debeaking

1bii. Tabulate three differences between a seed and a fruit

1bii. state four examples of soil nutrients suitable for plant growth

1c. state three importance of castration

2ai. Define the ff terms
cross pollination, magnetic field, salt, seed dispersal

2aii state three differences between mass and weight
2aiii Give three properties of gases collected over water

2aiv. Name three examples of gases collected by upward delivery

2bi state the two laws of reflection of light

2bii. write down three external factors affecting photosynthesis

2ci Define crop rotation

2cii outline four benefits of including beans in the crop rotation programme

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2cii Explain briefly why the mass of a substance does not change in everywhere

2di Write down three causes of bed-wetting

2dii. Give three ways of controlling bed-wetting

3ai List three properties of isotopes

3aii. Tabulate three differences between heat and temperature

3bi. list four examples of sublime substances

3bii. mention two effects of communicable diseases

3biii. Name four common diseases of farm animals

3ci Distinguish between fish farming and fishing

3cii give three similarities between a base and an acid

3ciii. state three functions of the blood

4ai. Define the ff terms

cereal crops, heat transfer, diffusion, osmosis

4aii. Explain why ammonia gas is not collected over water

4bi. state four conditions that are suitable for fish pond

4bii Distinguish between cohesion and adhesion

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4ci. state two functions of nitrogen to the plants

4cii. Define farm records

4ciii. Give three reasons why farmers keep farm records

4di. Distinguish between hypogeal and epigeal germination

4dii state three importance of mulching.

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